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In 1997 I was sent on my first writing assignment to interview Pavement in London it went so well that now 5 years later all ex-members of the band have agreed to work with me on this book about the band.

So far the following kind souls have given a thumbs up to help out...

Scott Kannberg
Stephen Malkmus
Mark Ibold
Steve West
Bob Nastanovich
Gary Young

Nigel Godrich                                                                                   Mitch Easter
David Berman
Chris Lombardi
Gerald Cosloy
Laurence Bell
Noel Kilbride

If you can think of anyone who I should talk to or would like to chat about
Pavement I can be contacted at robj@innotts.co.uk

At the moment I'm also looking to hear suggestions for the title of the book
so feel free to send in any ideas. If you have any questions for the band that you'd like
to see answered in the book then send them in too!

The book is due to be published in the US by Justin, Charles & Co. (check out their fledgling website at http://www.justincharlesbooks.com)

My initial deadline for the first draft of the book is June 2003 with an exepcted
publication date of early 2004. The publishers can also announce that Steve Keene has agreed to paint the cover of the book too!

I'll Name That Book In One!

Thanks for all of your emails of encouragement and title suggestions (keep 'em coming!). Here are the latest monikers for consideration...

"don't expect..."
"Fight This Generation: The Pavement Story"
"Miles of Style:..."
"A Band of Such Great Complexity:..."
"How I Met Jim, and other Tales from a Post-Modern Rock Band"
"The Malkmusian Moment"
"You should call your book "Urban Vacationers."  Malkmus once refered to
himself and his band as such."
"no gift for the gab"
"Miles of Style"
"Screwing Myself With My Hand"
"What about "Perfect Sound Forever"? "Slow Century" is good but might cause
confusion with the unreleased DVD."
"But maybe you should ask DC Berman to name it."
"howzabout "success it never comes"?  or "don't worry, we're in no hurry"?  or "westie can't drum"?"                                                                        "Exact Wording of Threat"                                                                 "Even though you may have thought other wise, Pavement the rock band
does not contain any members of the Jewish faith" (hence no entry on them in the book "Jews who rock")
Or to shorten it:
"Pavement: Not (silver) Jews"                                                            "Here are some quick ideas maybe they will inspire some better ones,"Shoot the Singer",  "This Slap is a Gift", "Crooked Fame, Crooked Fame", "That's a pretty nice hair cut", "Did you see the drummer's hair?", "Sea Speak Remember", okay know I'm just quoting lyrics."
"Nature Kids"
"Dressed for Success" 
"how the second drummer drowned."                                                       "...and then." 
"speak, see, remember"                                                                        "secret knowledge of backroads"
"They Are Underused"
"Range Life"                                                                                       "The sharks they don't have wings"                                                        "Life is Uneasy For Pancake"                                                              "Pavement the Alternative of the Alternative"                                       
"Recorder Grot"
"Protein Delta Strip"
"Range Life and Times of Pavement the Rock Band"
"So Much Style That It's Wasted"
"Pig Latin"
"Follow that Snail"**
'**I borrowed "Follow that Snail" from one of your interviewees. He might
have copyrighted it. But you can have the other one for free.'
"Pavement: Zeroes to Heroes"
"Pavement: Slanted and Enchanted   may be an obvious one"
"Pavement: Not a Slacker Band!"
"Who the F**K is Stephen Malkmus?"
"Cream of Gold: The Pavement Years"
"Perfect sound forever
From now on
Bright in the Corners
Where the Sidewalk Ends
Crooked Reign
Goodnight to the Rock and Roll Era
The Amazing Adventures of Malkmus and Kannberg
When the hell is the Slow Century DVD coming out?
Kickin' the Treble
Beat by weather "
"Pavement: GoldsoundZ"
"coolin by sound"
"Music scene is crazy
Get off the air
Bring on the major leagues
Wowee? Zowee!"
"pavement: wear a helmet""pavement: harder than it looks"
"I'm Tryin'! I'm Tryin'!: The Pavement Story".
"Cocksucking Fool in Pussy-Licking School"
"No Castration Fear
Faded Bombshell
Dancing With Old Ladies/I Get Really Fucked and Then Really Drunk
Our Own Hall of Fame
Shit Baby
Somebody Yanked Us Just a Little Too Far"
"not without my daugher: the pavement story
a woman scorned: the pavement story
murder in a small town: the pavement story
fire and fury: the pavement story"
"fuck the filmore
all the purists are tourists
you can't put that there
enough to make your ears twitch
never build a building til your 50
somebody painted over paint
any door left unlocked"
"i'm on the stereo"
"worker ant music"
"Eating Their Fingers"                                                                         "put the coins in and watch me light up"
pull my lips back and watch me smile                                                   pavement: are they foxy to you?
smashing pumpkins;i could really give a fuck.
Where Mullets Fear To Tread
gangsters and pranksters: the paved zeitgeist of
A Glowing Free Position Of Columns Below
The Slap Is A Gift, Chops A Must
Pavement: Les Histoires et Les Mythologies
Ice Deposit Daily
Arrange Life
PAVEMENT ENDS(like the signs one sees on the road)
Speak See Remember
We were underused"Recorder Grot"
like "i trust you will tell me if i am making a fool of myself"
"come on in"
"Because I'm Empty"   
"give it a day"?
 'maybe we could dance'

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Hopefully it's pretty obvious where they all lead...

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